The poncho : A trend accessory which crosses epochs !

Vintage for ones, glamorous for others, the poncho is the trending and cocooning must have of your wardrobe. Placed gently on the shoulders, it is wearable over a dress for a chic or more casual look with jeans and ankle boots.

The poncho, an ally against the cold !

The best of allies during winter ! It is edged by faux fur to be more attractive but also because faux fur is a perfect protection against cold. You will find here ponchos made in cashmere and wool which form together a perfect protection against cold. You can easily put on the poncho when you have to go out and take it off when you are back. You can complete the look with a chapka or a headband.

All the pieces are sewed by hand in my workshop in Lille, without overproduction and with the nearest supplier.

Serape in fake fur


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