The cape which gives you an audacious style !

On top of being very cocooning, a cape protects from the cold. It matches easily with several styles. It is a cloth you wear on top of the others and it will accompany you when you are going out. For a chic or casual look, you can choose between wearing it closed or open.

Cape, the new coat !

The faux fur used on the edge on the cape is very soft and also very warm ! To make the capes, materials such as wool and cashmere are chosen and they are bought directly near the workshop in Lille. For a complete look, you can match the cape with a beautiful chapka or a headband.

The cape : handmade in Lille.

All the pieces are sewed by hand in my workshop in Lille and made in limited edition to avoid overproduction.

Cape in fake fur, made in France


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