Ever since my youth, I have been driven by a crazy dream : the creation of my own brand, which led me to graduate from ESMOD before launching my brand ALINE in 2011.

It is in my workshop in Lille that I design, create and manufacture each article from future collections. I work alone and by hand on the creation of each accessory and piece of clothing. I chose to work with a special fabric : faux fur. A very well-thought choice, since faux fur offers me the possibility of creating high-end clothing thanks to its imitation of animal fur. It is also an ethic choice, allowing my client to be elegant while respecting the animal cause. 

Each year, I select future colors and patterns of the upcoming collection, as well as softer furs. All the faux furs I use come mostly from England and the North of France. As for the clothes, all my fabrics come from a company from Roubaix, near Lille. On the whole, ALINE is a brand based on a responsible and local production, without any surproduction, unsold items or destruction.





Boldness, passion and creativity allowed her to reach her goal : creating an ethical fake fur brand. First, it was complicated to convince French costumers that fake fur isn’t « cheap ». 

This collection was a way to combine passion and conviction. She first thought of her collection and secondly her business, like a merging of esthetic and ethic.

She decided to use fashion as a supplementary way of defending her belief. Her brand is a reflection of Aline : elegant, sensitive, modern and environmentally friendly. 

Aline hopes with her brand, to contribute in the abandonment of real fur. It’s not her only way of action. She tries to multiply her presence on exhibition dedicated on animal ethic. She is a volunteer and donor in association defending animals rights. 


Aline is inspired by : countries, era, films.. For exemple, muff, one of the most popular accessory of Aline, is no longer sold in shops. She was inspired by Catherine Deneuve’s outfits or Julie Christie in Doctor Jivago. «  It’s been years since I was looking for muffs, it’s so elegant and warm, I am delighted I have finally found one ! Thank you ! » A comment from a lady customer.