Fanny Pack

Today the Fanny Pack is the new trend.

A neat design, a practical aspect, assets that make our banana a modern feminine bag. It is designed and handmade in my workshop in Lille. A design that makes it unique, and that allows me the privilege to choose the best materials to make it !


Our fanny Pack for women exist in several colors, fabrics and sizes that will allow you to choose the creation that suits you. It is a pretty bag inspired by the 90's that perfectly fit with your outfits. Its practical aspect keeps all your belongings close at hand. Indeed, this bag makes its BIG RETURN, but with a LITTLE MORE !

Our little extra : THE HANDLE made with small gold colored snap hooks is removable. It can be changed according to your desires ! 

The look with a Fanny Pack

Our Fanny Pack comes in different sizes and colors. It can easily be combined with your outfits and accessories ! The addition of the bag with a long coat like the "CAROLINE" and a  BOB create a set that combines chic and comfort.

Our banana bag is waiting for you! 

Fanny Pack


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