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Nouvel article blog sur comment porter les accessoires en fausse fourrure
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Today, the fashion word is changing. Indeed, we are facing a real awareness that has caused a wave of responsibility and commitment among creators and brands. We notice that more and more creators are turning to an ethical fashion. A lot of designers decide to abandon animal raw materials such as...
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What are the alternatives in 2020 to wear fur without animal violence, and the technological advances that this implies?
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What is the most reliable way to know if it is fake fur and not real animal fur ? Refer to the labels. Today, many labels, including the labels framed by the One Voice association, guarantee an ethical and responsible fashion in France. That is to say, a cruelty free, animal-friendly fashion....
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Recognizing the fake fur of the real one has become a real challenge when you want to buy a garment. How many times have you bought a garment thinking it was ethical, made of fake fur, when it was actually real animal fur ?
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Portrait of a Lille designer specialized in fake fur. Aline gave birth to a brand of ethical women’s clothing and accessories. Enter her studio and her world to meet her!