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After a productive summer, I am back at the same time as the rain, the cold and shorter days... But don't panic ! Here is a photo shoot with a designer that will warm you up a little ! I am taking you at Aline, a designer of clothes and accessories in fake fur !
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Why you should wear fake fur ? It's modern ! We use to say that fashion is an eternal cycle. But fake fur is a new generation made possible thanks to increasing technical performances of fashion factory. Also with « internationalisation of fashion's figures » by Jean-Philippe Evrard. True...
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Aline Nivesse is a fashion designer from Lille. Committed into an ethical fashion since her young age, she obtained Fur Free Retailer label, managed by One Voice in France. Aline's fashion, it's fashion required level but cruelty free, with fake fur, mould with grace and modernity. Meeting.