Be at the forefront of fashion for Valentine’s Day with fake fur!

Be at the forefront of fashion for Valentine’s Day with fake fur!


Valentine's Day is just around the corner ... Are you planning to celebrate lovers' day with your loved one on February 14? You will then have to put on the appropriate Valentine's Day outfit. Its mission: to make you beautiful, at ease and to give you confidence. Discover today in this article the keys to a look with faux fur that will make your heart beat!

 Dare to wear red!

 Red is the color of love and passion. This color always has its effect and goes with all styles. For this mystical party you can opt for a red dress with talons and a sleeveless faux fur vest which, in addition to protecting you from the cold, will bring out the glamorous side of your outfit! Do not hesitate to add a few touches of color to your look with a head covering or a scarf: the chapka or the neck strap will be ideal for this! 

The coat is the centerpiece that will sublimate your outfit! 

For this Valentine's Day don't forget the faux fur coat, in addition to giving you a glamorous look, it will keep you warm. For a vintage touch in your outfit, opt for the poncho, it is not only original but also ideal to wear over a dress! 

Don't forget the accessories:

 For an ever more glamorous look, opt for accessories! Whether you opt for a classic or original look, accessories will remain essential to perfect your style. If you opt for a rather sober style with timeless colors (in black for example) do not hesitate to add touches of color with for example fake fur cuffs and a small bag that allows you to keep all your belongings organized! If, on the contrary, your outfit is colorful, you can opt for the timeless ones to have in her wardrobe: the headband or the beret!

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