Why you should wear fake fur

Why you should wear fake fur




We use to say that fashion is an eternal cycle. But fake fur is a new generation made possible thanks to increasing technical performances of fashion factory. Also with « internationalisation of fashion's figures »  by Jean-Philippe Evrard. True evolution of fashion mores about fur, isn't just about trend but more of a new fashion reflex.



50 millions animals are raised and killed for macabre pleasure of wearing real fur ! France count, 35 fur farming. How can we still wear a coat that required the death of 40 foxes, 80 minks, 10 wolves, etc . Without counting they only knew cages they left only to be electrocuted or gassed. Is this useful to remind that dogs and cats in China are living the same thing ? 


A recent study, documented by environmental professionals showed the impact on the environment of a coat made with minks compared to another coat made in minks imitation.

It merge from analysing the production's process of  the clothe that real fur has an impact 5 times superior on climate change than fake fur.

With same lifespan, a product in fake fur will always have a less important environmental impact than a product in real fur.

Already in 2010, a study specified that compared to other fabrics like wool, cotton or synthetic fibre, real fur has an impact more important in 17 out of 18 ecologic criterions usually studied in this type of study, especially in toxic emission and fine particles coming from animal's liquid manur...


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      Cécile Bachelot
      déc. 19, 2019

      je vous ai achete 2 echarpes en fourrure pour ma petite-fille Léa et pour moi, au marché des artisans à Soisy (91450). Elles sont douce et jolies, nous nous en lassons pas.

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