How to recognize fake fur? : the differences between real and fake fur

How to recognize fake fur? : the differences between real and fake fur

How to recognize fake fur? : the differences between real and fake fur




In this article, I detail you the differences between the real and the fake fur to know absolutely everything about it to not be deceived anymore.  

Committed to ethical fashion with my creations in fake fur cruelty free, it is important for me to deliver to you today some easy actions to adopt to distinguish an animal fur from a responsible and ethical synthetic fur.

This article will make you a fake fur expert. At touch or at sight you will see how easy it is to distinguish the false, from the real fur.


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Keep an eye out ! Reading clothing labels is good, understanding the mis better. 

The problem we are facing today is the following. More an more brands claim to be ethical and respectful of the environment and animals by selling fake fur, but in many cases it is real fur. Indeed, animal fur articles are sometimes labelled as synthetic fur.

As a buyer concerned about the origin of our purchase, our first reflex to check if it is true or false fur is to read the label describing the composition of the article in question.

But for that, it is necessary to know the different names of animal furs (and this in different languages) because the companies deceive us. 

For example, you may find on the label of an article the inscription “alopex lagopux” which actually means “fox” in Latin. We are not asking you to be a Latinist but to be vigilant about the inscriptions on the labels. From now on, you might be smarter than these companies, and know how to go around their tricks.




First, observe and analyze the fur.

An animal fur is by definition irregular because it is natural. Therefore, the hairs of this fur are not all the same length, or even the same thickness. In contrast, the hairs of factory-produced synthetic fake furs are often regular. However, it happens that the fake furs of very high quality  imitate the natural formation of the hair. In that case, it is difficult to distinguish the fake fur from the real one according to this criterion.


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Don’t forget to also check the base of the fur.

It is possible to differentiate the fake fur from the real one just by looking at the base of the fur, or you can also take a needle to do a test to be sure. 

For example, if it is a real animal fur, the base of it will be leather and so when you prick the base, it will be more difficult to prick, you will feel some resistance.

While if it is a fake fur it will be sewn on a textile base and therefore you will stitch it more easily with the needle.

If in spite of these tips you still have a doubt about the nature of the fur of the article on which your gaze has stopped, please pass your way and don’t buy the article !


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In case you already have a fur item in your dressing and you want to know if it is animal or synthetic fur, a final test is possible. It’s called the flame test. Carefully, it’s about burning the fur to make sure of its nature. That test can’t fool you. We will distinguish the nature of the fur thanks to the smell, if it is a real animal fur, the smell will be similar to a burning human hair. If it is synthetic fake fur then a burnt plastic smell will emerge.


Now you have no excuses, you have all the cards in hand to consume responsibly. Remain vigilant during your purchases, I’m counting on you ! #crueltyfree 



Alexia Remen 


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